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Who is 'Us'?

I started this company with my beautiful wife, Maggie Kotzin. We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley and are enjoying the beautiful weather in Northern California.

How Flirc Started

I am an avid user of linux, but my biggest gripe was trying to use my Panasonic TV remote control with my ubuntu media center.  There is a project called LIRC which converts your IR signal to electrical and has some decent support and a big following. However, my remote wasn't on the supported remote control list, I reluctantly gave up unwilling to make the effort to add my remote.  Out of my frustration, F(LIRC) was born. 


For every reason described here.

A Special Thanks

There were a number of open source projects, products, services, and friends that made flirc possible. I'm forever thankful for their support, services, and now friendship.


XBMC Logo    

I have to mention these guys first. The whole motivation behind flirc was so I can control my 'media center' pc with my television remote. And since the beginning, I was always trying to find the best media center software. I was delighted when XBMC was finally ported to the PC, and had the first alpha running on my machine within a week (it was actually pretty stable too). I immediately got rid of mythtv (it's about 10 years behind it's time). XBMC is like wordpress, and lies in the ranks of the best written, and best executed open source solutions in the world.


lemonstand logo    

Lemonstand is by the far the best e-commerce application I've ever seen. Originally shown to me by my brother, I immediately checked it out after experimenting with some very horrible open source alternatives.  I tried both zencart and magento, and I honestly have nothing good to say about either of those other than they are free. Lemonstand works as an e-commerce CMS should. With more examples you would ever need, amazing documentation, perfect and clean coding, a beautiful administration panel, and they actually incorporate requests, I've never been happier to drop money on software. I've changed my entire site to be incorporated inside the CMS of lemonstand, and it was well worth the very easy effort. I can create new pages with clicks and no more coding html pages. The small additional effort in the beginning saved myself weeks of work with Lemonstand.

Brian Tom at Hoshimo Designs is just an amazing guy. Brian designed all the art for Flirc, including the Website, the GUI Art, and the Logo. He really helped turn this vision into reality and I'm extremely grateful to know him. I highly recommend him as he is not only a great guy, but an amazing designer as you can see from his minimilistic and clean designs.



I know everyone knows about these guys, but I had to mention them. They power my blog and in my opinion, this is one of the best executed open source projects.


This is a double thank you.  Git hub is one of the most amazing places to share code, but more so, this is where and how a great friend has been sharing code with me. Robert Curtis is an amazing engineer, great friend, and the best mentor. Thanks for your great friendship and inspiration throughout the years.


I'm in debt to this amazing company. They have been an invaluable part in reaching this goal and dream. From PCB's, to tutorials, to contacts, I could not have done it without them.


I also want to say thank you to Spoko Solutions. A design house that helped bring Flirc to reality and give the device a defining personality and soul.